Saturday, March 2, 2013

A long journey!

The first part of our tour for work is a doozy. We start by flying to our home office in Atlanta. From there we drive to North Carolina to pick up our work truck and trailer for the year. 

That's where all the fun starts. Driving a F450 across the country hauling a heavy ass trailer is less than ideal at times, especially when weather is inclement and road conditions are poor.

So from NC we drive all the way to Daytona Beach for our first week of work. Daytona is always fun! Our company rents us a house right on the water and our whole crew is there. Imagine being the only girl in the house of 8 boys. It's a lot of fun and sharing the bathroom isn't bad believe it or not! The guys are so considerate. I am the first girl that they have ever hired to be on this particular tour so it's been a great  dynamic the past two years! 

From Daytona Beach we drive all the way across Southern USofA to Phoenix, AZ. It's 3 long days of being in the truck for 14 hours at a time- only stopping for fuel. Potty breaks are coordinated only with fuel stops. Good thing I have the bladder of a camel. This time across I-10 I was driving through TX and holy wind!! There was a constant head wind of 20 mph winds with gusts up to 50mph. It was interesting and my hands hurt by the time we switched drivers from holding on so tight. 

We finally made it to Phoenix and worked a long week but had a blast while there. Scottsdale is one of my favorite cities. So much shopping, great places to eat, gorgeous people, great weather this time of year. While I was fighting off a sun burn- friends and family back home were getting 20+ inches of snow. 

Now we are en route to Las Vegas. We spend an entire week here which is 4-5 days too long! Vegas is fun for a hot second but it can get exhausting. The city that never sleeps and I have a rough history. Last year I ended up in the hospital for being severely dehydrated. After 10 hours in the most disgusting waiting room in America I was given a full bag of fluids and a half of another bag. Clearly I didn't take the best care of myself while there. This year I will be taking it a lot easier and will be relaxing more. 

The drive is pretty uneventful but it makes you realize how vastly different the United States is from region to region. I think I'll take my four seasons and pretty landscape  in the Midwest over the mountainous desert. 

Vegas recap soon!! I'm sure ill have a ton of pictures to share! 


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