Our Love Story

Brandon and I met nearly two years ago, and now, I cannot imagine a minute of my life without him by my side. He encompasses every single quality I imagined Mr. Right would have, and I couldn't be more blessed to be spending the rest of my life with him! 

We are fortunate to work hand-in-hand, day in and day out, and although that seems pretty daunting to others, we work so well together, and are so lucky to get to travel the country together, taking in the sites, culture, and beauty of our country side...for a LIVING!! :)

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Brandon asked me to be his wife on December 27, 2012 (eeeek) and have set our big day! June 14, 2014 cannot come soon enough! The wedding planning process is already so exciting and Brandon actually loves being involved in the decisions, a soon-to-be-bride's dream come true! 

I love Brandon to no end, and there are so many things I absolutely adore about him. When you find the "one" its truly the most incredible feeling in the world. I have found the one who my life belongs to. The one I get to build a life full of moments, memories, and unimaginable adventures.