Friday, June 1, 2012

A Part of Me

Is there something that you own that you carry with you everywhere you go? Something that literally has become a part of you?

Well mine is my turquoise ring. I wear it on my left hand on my ring finger. Never on a different finger or my other hand. When I take it off to shower I feel like something is missing. This ring has been through a lot with me, and got pretty beat up. So much so that the original turquoise stone started to chip and eventually broke. I was so devastated. There was no initial special meaning behind this ring, just something I bought myself because of the unique stone, but after 8 years on my finger I fell in love with it. So when the stone broke I was so bummed. I set it aside, too attached to throw it and the broken pieces away, and never thought I would get to wear it again.

Well I was wrong. My sneaky and ever so thoughtful cousin, Molly, snatched it up one day while she was at my house without me noticing. She found a western jewelry store that specialized in Native American pieces, especially those with turquoise. She picked out a new stone, equally if not more beautiful than the one that was originally in it and had it cleaned up. On Christmas Eve, at our MaMa's annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange, she surprised me with the ring! My first thought was where in the heck did she find a ring just like my old one!? Then it dawned on me that it was MY ring!! I was so in shock and elated!! I couldn't believe that she was aware of exactly how much that ring meant to me! She told me that although it was a small gesture, she wanted me to always think of her when I wore that ring. Now, not only is it my favorite ring, it signifies something more. Its the kindness and attentiveness that one person can show another, It's the bond between family members, and above all, it's the love she put into giving back a small part of me!

What's one thing you always have with you!?