Friday, March 16, 2012

A Truly Happy 26

Yesterday was my 26th birthday and going into the day I felt like it would be a day like all others. Last year, when I turned 25 I woke up with an overwhelming sense of adulthood and responsibility. Insurance rates were going to be lower, the fact that I was financially on my very own and quite stable, I had been a homeowner for a year by then, and the fact that I was officially in my mid-20s sunk in immediately. Although all of this was going through my head, I didn't feel like this milestone in my life was that special. It turned out being a day like all others. So this year when my birthday had finally rolled around again, I wasn't expecting any sort of an "ah-ha!! I am 26 this year" moment. But it happened.. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I woke up that morning to a Happy Birthday kiss from BDW and while I was in the shower he laid out a card from my mom he had been toting around since we left for tour in February! The card had a very special message that, of course, made me tear up. It's so wonderful to have such a great relationship with my mother and to know she is very proud of me and who I have become, and knowing how she see's that Brandon makes me so happy and that she loves him for it!

We left the hotel and went to our event in Bristol, TN. The weather was beautiful and our staff had brought me these delicious cupcakes in honor of my day!! Brandon was letting me just sit back and relax, so I wasn't doing much work- who can beat that?

It was then, when I was sitting there that it hit me like a ton of bricks! I was in the happiest place in my life I have ever been. I am finally with my true Mr. Right, we have a dream career where we get to travel the countryside and experience things together that most don't have the opportunity to do, my family is healthy and happy, my friends are all in good places in their lives, Brandon and I have a home to go back to when tour is over, and everything just seems to be on the right track to everything I've ever wanted.

So it wasn't a surprise birthday gift or a big birthday bash that made this birthday so special for me, it's the fact that I am truly happy at 26, something that isnt afforded by most at this age, and I feel like this will be a life changing year to remember!! fingers crossed anyway!! :)

After work, we went to a nice steak dinner at The Chop House, who's filet and ribeye were to die for! Brandon tried out a local beer while I sipped on some bubbly. We had great conversation, many laughs, and an all around wonderful evening!

Here's to a great year!!

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