Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 Things to Live By: At Your Discretion

  1. Quitting can be the coolest thing in the world.  The hard thing and the right thing are often the same.
  2. Trust your gut.  Also act on your gut.
  3. Give a s***.  Friends and strangers will love you for it.
  4. Don’t give a s***.  Friends and strangers will appreciate you for it.
  5. Challenge yourself often.  Learn to shed fears.  You’ll achieve much faster than expected.
  6. Give yourself a break when you have to.  You probably deserve it.
  7. Learn to humiliate yourself.  Often.  You’ll disarm your neighbors and enjoy a richer you.
  8. Be honest with yourself.  It’s harder than it sounds.
  9. Shut up and enjoy the ride.  It is much shorter than you realize.
  10. Skip a bath, get your passport, and go see the world.  There’s a lot out there to learn.


The Bookness said...

Number 8 is probably the most important as for being good to your self too.
Followed. And maybe you'll stop by me someday. =)

Fabiola Nunez said...

this is a pretty good list...thanks!